In facts about Liza Minelli in Easter Parade it seems to be a mistake about the daughter of Judy Garland and Vincent Minelli and not Gene Kelly

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Liza MinNelli is indeed the secret love child of Judy and Gene. Where else was she to get her talent as a dancer? Let’s be real, Judy wasn’t all that great of a dancer. MGM made sure to talk VincentE MinNelli into marrying her because they knew the child would have features similar to Gene so she needed another man who would pass as Liza’s father and VincentE fit the bill. They were both offered serious bonuses to be married and start their lives together. They had a contract to remain married for the first few years of Liza’s life. MGM saw it as something else to bank on. Soon their prized musical star and prized director would be giving birth to their official MGM princess so it was going to generate huge buzz for their films together. Liza got to hang around the studio for the first few years of her life and in the process was able to bond with her real father Gene whenever he and VincentE made a film together. The contract was eliminated by MGM when Judy was let go from the studio. They no longer had any say so over what she did and she was free to travel for concerts.

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Was Natalie Wood promiscuous?

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No. Indeed, Natalie Wood was the second woman to conceive a child through immaculate conception. 

FACT: During the musical number “Somewhere there’s Someone” in A Star Is Born from 1954 the Paris segment was not a part of the original cut until Judy Garland met Edith Piaf at a nightclub. After much discussion and admiration of both women they agreed Edith would sing the part for the number with Garland imitating Piaf.

Piaf watched on set behind the palms to sing her part live since Garland was accustom to singing her musical numbers live while filming. For just a brief second if you look close enough you can see Piaf’s foot behind the potted plant as Garland takes the palms and vamps away.

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FACT: During the filming of Babes in Arms, Busby Berkeley was routinely fellated by Mickey Rooney between takes, which unleashed an animalistic homosexual appetite on the part of Rooney. This accounts for Rooney’s distinct baboon face and mannerisms, which earned him an Academy Award nomination.

FACT: Elizabeth Taylor secretly penned the Harry Potter series; the books actually detail her vicodin-induced hallucinations, and adventures with Michael Jackson, and Marlon Brando, in which they defeated the Dark Drag Queen Joan Collins, and saved the Muggle world from her evil reign.


- Elizabeth Taylor’s autobiography, to be published in January 2014 

FACT: When Grace Kelly died, her house was broken into, and her crown and Oscar statuette were allegedly stolen. It is reported that Liza Minnelli was later spotted at a local gay bar wearing the crown and telling the Oscar, “We won, Momma. Momma, we finally did it. We won.”

(Source: oldhollywoodfacts, via oldhollywoodfacts)

FACT: after the turning down the lights scene in Meet Me In St. Louis, director Vincente Minnelli had become not only taken by Judy Garland’s charm but also became surprisingly aroused. He called lunch and took her on the Smith’s dining room table.

Many arguments and threats followed a month later between Vincente, Judy, & L.B. Mayer and Minnelli was forced by MGM to leave his lover Tom Drake. He married Judy Garland shortly after during a quick studio wedding. Liza Minnelli was born several months later.